Rapid Connection


Clamp of plastic with a diameter DN 100 for the safe assembly of pipes to pipe connections inside the rainwater tank Consisting of: Clamp of plastic DN 100, one sleeve for sealing EPDM as well as 2 screws with screw nuts and grommets

Removal Handle

Removal Handle


An Extension handle that can be attached to the filter insert fo the Volumen filters, Garden filter, Patronen filter, Zisternen filter or Sinus filter to aid removal an cleaning where the filter ist installed too deep for the filter insert to be conveniently reached.

Lid Volumen filter


Polyethylene lid with bayonet locking mechanism to fit Volumenfilter.

Patronen filter/Sinus filter Backwashing Set


For easy Filter cleaning

When installed in a Patronen Filter or Sinus Filter this set allows you to periodically cleanse the filter mesh remotely with blast of pressurised.

Zisternen filter Backwashing Set


For easy filter cleaning

When installes in a Zisternen Filter this set allows you to periodically cleanse the filter mesh remotely with a blast of pressurised water.

Pneumatic Level Gauge


A universal water level gauge, indicating water height between 1 and 3 m. Maximal distance between storage tank and indicator 50 m. Water level is indicated by manual testing. 10 m indicator line included.

For wall fastening, housing made of plastic.

Universal connection for pipe or hose with an external diameter of 6 mm.

Extension Tube


Telescopic extension tube to fit Volumen Filter, Garden Filter and Retentions Filter.

The telescopic extension tube can be set to the desired height; from 250 - 750 mm from the filter inlet to the top of the extension tube.

Simple to use an install with a bayonet locking system.

Extension tubes ca be attached together for extra height.

Please Note: The extension tube does NOT include lid, this must be purchased separately.

Pump base


Housing to fix a submersible pump on the bottom of a rainwater tank and to connect floating or fixed suction fine filters to the submersible pump, as per the different requirements. This protects the pump from sucking up sediment and it increases the safety of every rainwater installation. To support submersible pumps in the storage tank and to protect them from dirt. With floating pump intake. Diameter of 130 mm.

Lawn Tap Set

Lawn Tap Set


The Set is supplied with 15 meters of hose.

This accessory set allows customers to connect theis existing garden hose to a rainwater system at a covenient point in their garden.

The chamber can be buried in a lawn or flower bed, flush to ground level. The set is supplied with 15 meters oh hose.