Floating Pump Intake

3P Technik
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The Floating Pump Intake represents the 4th cleaning step in the rainwater system.

For the extraction of the cleanest rainwater from the storage tank.

Consisting of:

Floating ball, diameter 15 cm
Filter inlet sleeve (mesh width 1,2 mm)
Check valve, 1"
Connection spout

For the connection of suction pipes Ø 36 mm.

The 3P Intake floats at all times, suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. From this position the water is extracted by the pump. A ball float, filled with air, suspends the intake, which has a further filter and a check valve.

Floating ball Ø 15 cm with two ears.
Material: Polyethylen

Filter basket made of stainless steel with 1" AG made of plastic Mesh size 1,2 mm

Check Valve 1" made of brass Hose clip Ø 32 mm, 1" AG made of brass with rubber seal

Weight: 0,5 kg