Siphonfilter with inox sieve

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Connectable roof area to: 213 m²
difference between inlet / outlet: 13,5 – 34,0 cm
max. volume flow rate: 6.4 l / s
Connections: DN100

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Small and compact rainwater filter for the installation in rainwater tanks made of plastics or concrete.

Due to the inclined angle of the filter sieve and its very smooth surface structure the dirt is rinsed into the sewer.

The inner filter sieve is made of stainless steel. With this filter, the overflow siphon DN 100 with odour trap and suction of the surface water is already integrated.

Retro-fitting with 3P Backwashing Device is possible. Inside the filter housing an opening is installed which can be used.

The overflow is twistable to 90°.

Connection capacity according to DIN 1986: up to 213 m² roof area with a rainfall intensity of 300 l/(sxha).

All connections: DN 100

Height difference between inlet and outlet: 135-340 mm

•Rainwater is directed to the filter level

•Bulk waste is transported further into the channel

•Purified water is directed through the calmed inlet into the rainwater tank

Filter according to DIN 1989-2, Typ C

Connection inlet: DN 100
Outlet into rainwater tank: DN 100
Outlet to the channel: DN 100

Height difference between inlet and outlet: 135-340 mm

Housing material: Polyethylen
Material filter sieve: Inox