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If you have a heavy leaf loading, you should select a 3P Leaf Separator. It sorts out leaves and larger dirt particles, and ejects them from the filter side. The green lid can be shut in winter conditions. The unit is also ideal in larger Rainwater Harvesting Systems, or for filling ponds.

Advantage: No more blocked rainwater gutters and gullies. Accumulating leaves and particles are continuously filtered out.

Install between DN 80 and DN 100 pipes, adapters included. Complete with reduction sets.

For roof areas up to 70 m².

 The larger dirt is filtered out of the rainwater by the filter ribs.

 Leaves and dirt are simply ejected from the filter.

 Cleaned rainwater passes through the downpipe.

Available in grey and brown.

Material: Polyethylen

Connection Ø 80 und 100 mm for pipes made of plate.

Guiding plates can be removed.

Distance filter ribs: ca. 5mm

Weight: 0,4 kg




For downpipe Ø: 80 mm oder 100 mm
Material: polyethylen