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3P Technik
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Simple rainwater diverter for filling rain tanks.

The 3P Rain Collector’s coarse filter separates clean rainwater from the debris coming off the roof. It is suitable for collecting rainwater from
smaller roof areas (up to 50m²).

Fits all common down pipes from 68 mm to 100 mm diameter, and square down pipes 60 x 60 mm.

Features a large 32 mm clean water side outlet for connection to rainwater tank or water butt.

 • Rain water flows into the filter

• Dirt is retained by the inner grid

• Purified water is discharged through the outlet Ø 32 mm

• Waste water will be routed to the channel

• The inner filter element simultaneously serves to fix the downpipe.

The product is available in brown and grey

For roof areas up to 50 m²

Installation in sheet metal down pipe with a diameter of 68 to 100 mm and also for square downspout with dimension 60 x 60 mm

Connecting rain barrel: Ø 32 mm, the connecting hose can be plugged directly

Stopcock for summer / winter operation

Material: Polyethylene

Weight: 0.3 kg


Color grey
For downpipe Ø: 68-100 mm
material: polyethylen