Downpipe Filter titanzinc

3P Technik
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Filters and collects rainwater for water butts and smaller rain tanks.

For roof areas up to 150 m².
Available in copper or titanzinc.
Suitable for downpipes DN 100.

Can be reduced to DN 80 and DN 87 with a special reduction set, if necessary.

High efficiency.

Low maintenance.

With overflow function.

 Rainwater is led through the downpipe onto the inner side

 of the filter cartridge and is accumulated through a union.

 The water is led from the interior to the exterior and is being filtered/cleaned.

 Cleaned water is led through the cartridge outlet channel to the storage.

 Dirt is led into the sewer system.

Rainwater filter for installation in metal downpipes.

Housing material: Copper or titanzinc

Filter sieve: Stainless steel

Mesh size: 0,315 mm

Material Filtercorpus: Polyethylen

Weight: 1,26 kg


Farbe: titanzinc
For downpipe Ø: 100 mm
Material: titanzinc